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Whether you manage legacy land sites, superfund sites, or are looking for innovative ways to monitor your land

Use Galago’s platform to detect issues early, fix them quickly, and stay compliant. Results in days, not months.

How Galago Works

We continue to track your site over time to ensure it remains stable and safe. You get alerted to any new issues as soon as they arise.

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We use aerial and satellite imagery (this can be yours, ours, or third party) to take an inventory of your entire site.


Our AI-powered platform then analyses the health, growth, and distribution of vegetation in this imagery to spot signs of erosion, contamination and hydrologic issues.


You get a complete report which shows if, where, and how your site is deteriorating, with recommendations for what to do next.

Why Choose Galago

How Galago Helps

Get a Complete Picture

We safely analyze and characterize your entire site, not just a small sample. This includes even the remotest areas, making our recommendations rigorous and reliable.

Accurate & Extensive Results

Our platform removes subjective errors, shows you previously unseen insights from overhead, and detects subtle but crucial land changes.

Safeguard Yourself & Your Assets

We identify land issues before they happen. This can prevent future restoration costs, make relationships with authorities stronger, and give you concrete evidence for litigation challenges.

Time-efficient. Cost-effective

We slash the hours it takes you to endlessly review land and images. Our ongoing monitoring means you can quickly report the status of your site to stakeholders.

  • With 40+ years as Environment Consultancy Experts, we’ve encountered and dealt with the problems you face.
  • Get an up-to-date digital map of your whole site and see your land in a new light.
  • We are tech agnostic. We can collect the imagery and data we need, or use what you already have.
  • Born out of Ramboll, our best-in-class technology and algorithms are based on years of data sets and experience.

What Galago Clients Say

Our Team

Christopher Bowles

Mike Rawitch
Operations Director

Jamey Smith
Data Scientist

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    Galago Client

    Environmental Mining Consultant
  • "You are Santa Claus and you've been reading my Christmas wish list"

    Reclamation Manager

    In reference to Galago value
  • "I could see you shortening the time to bond release"

    VP Environmental

    US Based Mining Company
  • "Making maps that we’ve never been able to make before"

    Galago Client

    Legacy Mining Site Manager
  • "Mine operators should be doing this!"

    Galago Client

    Mining Environmental Specialist

Fabian Geier
Data Scientist

Emilia Stepinski
Technical Lead

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